Baguio traffic cops ready for opening of classes

Baguio traffic cops ready for opening of classes

The Baguio City Police Office – Traffic Enforcement Unit (BCPO-TEU) reported that traffic enforcers both from the police force and the city government are ready to manage the flow of traffic along major roads leading to various private and public education institutions in the city during the opening of classes on Monday, August 22, 2022.

BCPO-TEU chief Police Lt. Col. Roldan Cabatan stated that the deployment plan of traffic enforcers in strategic areas around the city had already been readied in preparation for the expected influx of learners to the different educational institutions in the city.

He added that coordination had also been done with the operators and drivers of public utility vehicles (PUVs) to ensure their full operation during the resumption of face-to-face classes to ensure a sufficient number of vehicles to serve the significant increase in the movement of people leading to the schools.

The police official admitted that with the start of classes in some private schools last August 15, 2022, the BCPO-TEU and the local government were able to identify areas where slight adjustments should be done to effectively and efficiently manage the smooth flow of traffic especially when there will be an increase in the number of learners attending face-to-face classes in their respective schools by August 22, 2022.

The BCPO traffic chief claimed that the traffic management plan to be observed during the opening of classes will be similar to the ones that had been implemented and proven to be effective when there was face to face classes prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, he pointed out that whatever adjustments that will be done to the said plan will be introduced depending on the results of the evaluation and assessment to be conducted by the local police force during the opening of classes.

According to him, the cooperation of the motorists and pedestrians to the traffic rules and regulations being enforced is still important to prevent unnecessary congestions along roads leading to the different schools when classes resume.

He advised school administrators to ensure that parents and guardians who will be bringing and fetching their children in their schools using their private vehicles or school service should have available spaces within their compounds for them to park their vehicles to avoid congestions in school zones, especially during the start and dismissal of classes.

Cabatan reminded motorists to ensure that their vehicles are in good running condition when going out of their residences to prevent incidents that might compromise the overall safety of the public, especially the schoolchildren who will be attending their classes after over 2 years of being confined in their homes during the implementation of the community quarantine restrictions.

The traffic officer assured that any adjustments to the existing traffic management plan will be geared towards improving the smooth flow of traffic around the city for the convenience of the residents and visitors alike. – Dexter A. See