Baguio Hospitals require confirmed appointments for Non-emergency Medical referrals

19 August 2021 – Hospitals in Baguio City are now implementing the “no confirmation/admission slip, no entry” policy for non-emergency medical referrals particularly those coming from other regions.

This was announced by Atty. Althea Alberto, Executive Assistant IV of the City Mayor’s Office as requested by hospital administrators in the city.

She said hospitals in Baguio are limiting admission of patient referrals coming from other regions due to the impending surge of Coronavirus disease 2019 cases with the confirmed presence of the more transmissible Delta variant.

Travelers for non-emergency medical purposes coming from other regions are required to present proof of confirmed medical appointments at the city’s triage. Proof of appointment could be in a text message with date and time of schedule or via email, appointment slip, or acceptance slip issued by the physician they intend to visit at the destination health facility or clinic.

At the triage, travelers from other regions for non-emergency medical purposes shall present QR Code issued through a duly registered Health Declaration Form at; Vaccination QR Passport or Vaccination Certificate if fully vaccinated; and proof of confirmed medical appointment. Patients are exempt from RT-PCR testing as a requirement for entry to the city unless required by the hospital or health facility.

If for hospital admissions with confirmed appointments, only the patient and one watcher are exempt from the testing requirement at the triage. All other travel companions must present RT-PCR test results.

However, other hospitals in the city require a letter of acceptance signed by the hospital head and does not honor medical appointments individually issued by a private physician for patients coming from other regions.

Meanwhile, travelers with medical emergencies will be afforded unhampered passage. – Jessa Samidan