Baguio has still P7 million Covid operation funds

Baguio has still P7 million Covid operation funds

The local government has more than P27.1 million Corona virus Disease (COVID) 2019 operation funds that could be sparingly used for whatever scenario that will transpire in the future following the threats of the various variants that might trigger another surge in cases.

City Budget Officer Leticia O. Clemente disclosed that the city was able to receive a total of P633.92 million cash appropriations from the national and local governments for its various programs, projects and activities to combat the rapid spread of the deadly virus where only P525.77 million had been already used up for its COVIDf-19 operations over the past 2 years.

The cash appropriations given to the city was composed of some P432.24 million from the various supplemental budgets and other sources from the city and  P164.12 million from various sources from the national government that included the Bayanihan grant to cities and municipalities and the remittance by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) of its reimbursement to the city for the COVID-19 packages used up by patients confined in the accredited isolation center in the city.

Of the funds that were earmarked by the local government, the city budget officer claimed that P362.97 million had already been obligated by the concerned offices and used for their prescribed purposes.

However, she explained that there are some appropriations under various sources amounting to P42 million from the city’s Supplemental Budget No. 4 have yet to be used up for the programs, projects and activities that the same had been allocated.

Of the national funding that had been given to the city, P154 million had already been obligated and spent for their allotted purposes while the balance of P10.1 million remains to be available for disposition by the concerned offices to further enhance the city’s COVID-19 operations.

The local government spent heavily on the salaries of the job order personnel that were hired and distributed to the various isolation centers and central triage amounting to P112.9 million followed by meals for the personnel who were on round the clock duty – P95.7 million, vaccines – P91.3 million, other maintenance and operating expenses – P80.5 million, medical supplies and equipment – P49.2 million, office and other supplies – P37.9 million; medicines – P28.9 million, utility expenses – P10.6 million, medical laboratory services – P6.5 million, security and janitorial services – P5.1 million, repair expense – P3.7 million, motor vehicle – P2.5 million and fuel and traveling – P297.28 million. – Dexter A. See