BAGUIO CITY – (6 April 2021) – Mayor Benjamin Magalong issued Executive Order No. 47, series of 2021 extending the implementation of additional restrictions while the city is under the General Community Quarantine status until April 30.

The order also imposed a temporary liquor ban until April 10.

The measures are:

*CURFEW – 10PM to 4AM the following morning except for the following:

i. workers in frontline services and permitted industries and businesses such as medical services, uniformed personnel on duty, security services, BPOs, and export-oriented services;

ii. workers in pharmacies, grocery stores, and other retail establishments providing medicine, food, and other essential commodities as they are allowed to operate 24/7;

iii. food and beverage retail establishments such as restaurants, fast-food, cafes, and eateries may continue to operate within the curfew, provided, their services during the time shall be limited to food preparation, take-out and delivery


i. persons below 15 years old shall stay in their residences at all times, except when necessary for highly indispensable purposes or to access medical services

ii. immunocompromised persons, pregnant women, and persons over the age of 65 shall stay in their residences at all times, except when necessary to report for work, or to access indispensable goods and services.

*PHYSICAL FITNESS ACTIVITIES as well as sports and recreation centers – 50 percent maximum capacity


Effective 10PM of April 4, 2021, sale, distribution and consumption of liquor products and other alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the City of Baguio

*No operations for the following: Driving schools, traditional cinemas, galleries and cultural center, libraries, archives, game arcades, indoor tourist attractions

*Limited operations for the following:

i. Food and beverage establishments with dine-in services such as restaurants, cafes, eateries, fastfood, canteens and the like – 50 percent

ii. Gyms, salons, spas, personal care establishments – 50 percent

iii. Tourism and hospitality-related establishment including hotels, inns and other accommodation establishments:

*Maximum of 50 % of capacity for checked in guests, ancillary services such as restaurants, cafes, canteens, eateries, gyms, salons, spas and other personal care establishments;

*RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES – 30 percent of seating capacity as long as not objected to by the city government and health protocol officers are designated to ensure compliance to health protocols


i. Travelers passing through city checkpoints are advised to observe proper wearing of face mask and face shields, otherwise entry shall be refused. Drivers of vehicles may remove their face shield while driving;

ii. Operators of public utility vehicles must ensure that passengers are wearing face masks and face shields at all times. Passengers who fail or refuse to abide by these health protocols should be instructed to alight from the vehicle.

*Allowed travelers from the NCR Plus shall be limited to APORs and Essential Workers in permitted industries traveling for official functions subject to TESTING REQUIREMENTS and TRIAGE PROTOCOLS until April 11, 2021. – PIO Baguio