Baguio exceeds 100 percent vaccine utilization

22 July 2021 – Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong praised the City Health Services Office and vaccination roll-out volunteers for their efficient administration of vaccines against the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The city government of Baguio received a total vaccine allocation of 125,759 doses as of July 19 and administered a total of 129,550 doses for a 102.53 percent utilization rate per the report of the CHSO led by City Health Services Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo.

Despite a total wastage of 238 doses, the vaccinators were able to recoup by exceeding the doses administered from the other vials.

Galpo reported that the Sinovac brand had a total wastage of 201 doses mostly due to manufacturing defects. Of the 68,729 Sinovac allocations, only 66,229 doses have been administered or a 96.36 percent utilization rate.

The CHSO had wastage of 19 doses for AstraZeneca and 18 doses for Gamaleya but was able to achieve over a hundred percent utilization rate due to the efficient administration of the vaccinators.

“Per vial is equivalent to 10 doses but our vaccinators were able to maximize up to 12 or 13 doses following standard procedures thus we were able to vaccinate more individuals,” Galpo explained.

For AstraZeneca, the total allocation is 16,530 but 21,428 doses were administered. The city received 35,100 doses of Pfizer and administered 36,218 doses while for Gamaleya, the city received 5,400 and administered 5,675 doses.

As of July 22, the CHSO vaccinated a total of 88,928 individuals equivalent to 48.26 percent of the registered target population from priority categories: A1 health workers, A2 senior citizens, A3 persons with comorbidities, A4 essential workers, and A5 indigents.

A total of 51,797 individuals are already fully vaccinated having received their second dose which is equivalent to 58.52 percent of the total number of persons who received their first dose.

Thursday, July 22 also recorded the highest number of vaccinees in a day in Baguio at 5,710 – mostly A4 essential workers and A3 persons with comorbidities.

The CHSO hopes to sustain its vaccination efforts in the coming days expecting more vaccine allocations from the national government and from the city’s purchase which are expected to arrive in the coming months. – Jessa Samidan