Art spaces in biz establishments requested

Councilor Vladimir Cayabas is encouraging all shopping malls and other similar establishments operating in the city to designate a space for arts and creativity within their respective commercial centers to help enhance the city’s creative ecosystem.

In his approved resolution during the city council’s last regular session, Cayabas stated that Baguio, being a Creative City, needs cohesive and collaborative efforts between the city government and the private sector in enhancing and sustaining the city’s creative spirit.

Cayabas explained that Baguio City, being a highly urbanized city, is now a host to numerous business establishments that significantly contribute to the growth of its economy. He said that these commercial centers, besides the attractive parks, are the most frequently visited places by both locals and tourists.

The councilor said that designating an art and creativity space in every commercial establishment will help highlight the city’s artistic culture, thus increasing the level of awareness and appreciation of both locals and tourists.

He added the business sector is expected to adopt or implement creative ways in further elevating people’s art appreciation while providing them avenues to relax and reflect.

Home to many artists and artisans, the city thrives robustly on the influence of art which makes it distinct from other highly urbanized places. Cayabas said that art is a fitting tool in expressing innate values, culture, and tradition and in promoting tourism at the same time. Showcasing creative works, according to him, will result in sustainable economic gain for the business sector and for the local artists.

On October 31, 2017, Baguio City was designated as a Creative City for Crafts and Folk Arts by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In another development, the city government, through an ordinance enacted by the local legislative body, has created the Baguio Creative Council which will take the lead in crafting policy recommendations geared toward establishing a progressive and responsive local creative economy. This will strengthen the city’s commitment to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN).

The UCCN seeks to globally promote creative industries and integrate art and culture into sustainable urban development policies. –Jordan G. Habbiling