“Ani ng Tanghal Pandulaan” features MSCian Films and Theatrical Performances Rachel Real and Nicole Jarabe, MSC Sentro ng Wika at Kultura BA ELS Interns

“Ani ng Tanghal Pandulaan” features MSCian Films and Theatrical Performances Rachel Real and Nicole Jarabe, MSC Sentro ng Wika at Kultura BA ELS Interns

BOAC, Marinduque – In celebration of National Arts Month, Marinduque State College (MSC) launched its 5th Film Festival entitled “Sine Gunita” with the theme “Ani ng Sining, Bayang Malikhain”, the six outstanding and Original Films were showcased, highlighting the plethora of talents of the College of Arts and Social Sciences. This event was held last February 27, 2024, in the MSC gymnasium at 8:00 AM, headed by the Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

The MSC Culture and Arts in collaboration with the MSC Communication Society featured films and theater plays that reflect different and relatable stories. It depicted timely and relevant social issues, which were found to be remarkable in the MSC’s 5th Film Festival. The event started with a parade, consisting of each film’s actors and production team holding their posters proudly, and was followed by the second part of the Program starting with a solemn Prayer which was led by Jasmine Monponbanua, the singing of the National Anthem and the MSC Hymn, the Opening Message of Dr. Rosalyn Dasco, followed by the charismatic and energetic message from the Dean of College of Arts and Social Sciences and Director of MSC Sentro ng Wika at Kultura Dr. Ernesto L. Largado, and the heartfelt speech of Mrs. Ruby Ann T. Lantita the head of Culture and Arts Unit in the Closing Remark.

The third part of the program is the film viewing was led by the first Film entitled “Gayuma” directed by Mia Kristel Delarmente and written by Jurhyss Arsen Natividad which gave the audiences the “kilig” feeling as well as the tear-jerking stories of broken bonds between two sisters, followed by funny and energizing theater play “Tindahan ng Ala-ala” directed and written by Gerard Angelo Diana.

The following film is “Justicia Denegada” directed by Den Mark Mediana and written by Trisha Mae Riego and Ivory Jade Guizon which provided the audience chills with its dark and chilling story of murder and justice, followed by the Theater play “Tangisan ng Talino” directed by Emmanuel Matining and written by Jimely Jane Estoya, this theater play however brought many audience to tears with its relatable and morosely story. Additionally, its story has a sentiment and perspective that are relatable to most students.  The third film shown is the film entitled “Pagsayaw sa Haraya”, directed by Kent Xavier Neri and written by Loyd Tolentino, the tear-jerking story revolves between two sisters with an unfortunate faith, and their bond is broken as the youngest mind is, followed by the theater play “Pintig ng mga Pantig” directed and written by Art Heaverleen Ricohermoso, its upbeat rap and charming poem lift the withing spirits of the audience and invigorate the entire crowd with their witty and humorous play.

The film entitled “Gintong Binhi” followed with its valuable lesson about education and the unfortunate situation that some farmers experience, this film is directed by Jorez Carcueva and written by Jude Dela Roca, the theater play after this film has made the audience bellowed with laughter with it clever lines and scalding humors, this depicts modern family setting and was directed and written by Gerard Angelo Diana.

“Tirikan” is a film with a dark and chilling plot, revolving around a widowed and her brother-in-law and their belief about the dead and its connection to the lighting of candles, this masterpiece is directed by Bryan Pardilla and was written by Jimwell Dela Cruz. The last film that was showcased during the 5th MSC Film Festival is KAPE, co-directed by Jhan Mark Larracas and Rhyan Constantino, and written by Vinshane Roldan, it plot-twist added flavors to the film its combination of shifting POVs is a source humor, sweet or bitter relates to the societal issues in the workplace, the question of who stole the coffee has kept the audience on their toes and made the audience excited when the truth is finally revealed.

The Film Viewing ended at noon and was affirmed as a success, and is a remarkable program that was made possible with the joined efforts of Mrs. Ruby Ann T. Lantita the head of the Culture and Arts Unit, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, the professors and advisers, the Talented Students that became Directors, Scriptwriters and actors that gave life to the wonderful stories that reflects the social issues and relatable situation. Another evidence of the brilliance that shines within the young minds of today’s Generation! (PR)