80 health workers, frontliners vaccinated in Ifugao town

By Marcelo B. Lihgawon

A doctor of a private clinic in Lamut town is among the 80 individuals who  submitted themselves for COVID-19  vaccination. (MBL, PIA CAR,Ifugao)

LAMUT, Ifugao, March 17 (PIA) – – Some  80  health workers and other frontliners  received their first dose of the COVID 19 vaccines  in the one-day  vaccination   activity spearheaded by the Rural Health Unit (RHU).  

 Municipal Health Officer Rhodora Montesa took the first jab of the vaccine followed by other doctors and frontline workers from the RHU, a private clinic, municipal temporary treatment and monitoring facility and members of the .Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams.

 The provincial health office reported that 125 Sinovac and two vials (20 doses) of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines were provided for the priority groups of Lamut.   

 “We are very glad and privileged that we are given the chance to be vaccinated. Lamut health workers have responded positively because we want to show to our “kailyans”, province mates, to the nation and the whole world that we are one in ending this pandemic” Montesa said.

She stressed vaccination is one way of ending the pandemic that’s why they   submitted themselves for inoculation.

“Sinovac or AstraZeneca, it does not matter as long as we are vaccinated and we believed that we are protected and that we are also protecting our families and community,” Montesa added.

She encouraged the people to submit themselves for vaccination so that they will be able to meet the target percentage population of vaccination to have   herd immunity for the protection of the families and community and that no one will succumb to COVID-19 anymore. (JDP/MBL- PIA CAR, Ifugao)