Teamwork key to achieving city’s goals

Teamwork key to achieving city’s goals

City Budget officer Leticia O. Clemente underscored the importance of teamwork among local government officials and employees in the achievement and realization of the city’s overall goals and objectives.

In her message during the regular Monday flag raising ceremony held at the city hall grounds, Clemente claimed that sizing up at what the city had accomplished through the years would seem just small steps, if people are viewing a whole staircase, but big things happen by taking first step and often moving one step higher at a time until one reaches the top.

“Little calculated steps make big winners not big leaps forward that may have shattering impacts,” she added.

As a lifeline department, Clemente pointed out that other departments can’t do without the city budget office, and likewise the said office is useless without the others that is why the city is considered as a team.

The city budget officer disclosed that the past year gave way to so many winning moments that the city wants to share with the people.

However, she stated that there are also not so good moments as city officials and employees will all learn from it.

According to her, the city budget office is more than prepared to take on the challenge, the more difficult the task ahead, the better, so that officials and employees can improve their abilities, avoid committing the same mistakes and strive for excellence in public service.

Clemente shared a quote from Vincent Van Gogh where he said ‘Great Things are done by a series of small things brought together,’ that is why city officials and employees should celebrate their small victories as they will add up to something great.

Above all the aforesaid things, she emphasized the need to give glory to the Almighty God Jehovah for the gift of life and the opportunity to shine in public service. – Dexter A. See